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Meet  Mery

Hi! It’s me—Mery. How nice of you to join me. You’re probably on this page because you want to learn who I am, wtf this is, and what you’re doing here. Sometimes I wonder the same, but I’ll do my best to explain.

I was born in Bulgaria in the late 20th century, spent a good chunk of my life in Las Vegas, and now I live in Los Angeles. I’ve been fortunate enough to have over a decade of experience working in marketing, creative, and events. After 16 consecutive years of working with other humans, I unexpectedly got laid off on a Friday morning at a lovely cafe in La Jolla via Zoom. Seven days later, Offbeat Xchange was born. 

For years, I kept notes of all the unfiltered things that came out of my mouth that turned into inside jokes. Those sayings ended up on the shirts you see in the store. Read more about the brand here. As my work time-out continued, I decided to expand Offbeat Xchange into a lifestyle blog focused on travel, design, and frankly—whatever tickles my fancy in the moment. Some would argue I need to pick a niche and stick to it. My niche is life. Also, who makes up all these rules? I was tired of being bound to the rules of corporate branding, and Offbeat Xchange was a way for me to go off the beaten path. 

I love living life and curating all the details of it. My endless curiosity often spirals into a 500 open tabs frenzy. I wouldn't want anyone to navigate through that madness, so I dive into the research, sparing you from the tab overload. 

I’m not interested in what’s trending nor am I going to be using AI to write my content (that would be a shame to my journalism degree). I’m here to share my own unique human experiences and hope that it provides value to someone out there.

Thank you for being here! 

oxox Mery

Life is like one never-ending gallery. We are all complex pieces of art on display constantly exposing ourselves as people walk in and out. Some stay to enjoy you and analyze the deeper meaning behind what they see on a surface level; others merely bat an eye in your direction. There is simply not enough capacity for one human to love and understand everything and everyone so don't fret when they don't get your essence. 

Mery Nikolova

This or That



Mery Nikolova hiking in Valley of Fire
Mery Nikolova in Boston
Mery Nikolova in Vienna, Austria


People who are kind without expecting anything in return ● desert sunsets ● researching everything until I reach the end of Google ● writing when it's raining ● timeless & feminine fashion ● getting gifted experiences over things ● laughing until I cry ● planning dream vacations and looking at the world map at odd hours ● designing spaces from a blank slate ● being one of the first to step inside a new venue or restaurant ● meeting strangers and walking in with an open heart & mind ● having really long and intense conversations until someone gives in and falls asleep ● being surrounded by love so deep that it drowns out everything negative ● taking risks, particularly when I'm scared

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