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Hi fellow human!

Offbeat Xchange started as a novelty goods store with conversation-starting tees and merch. The mission? To provoke playful banter with strangers, or at least get an awkward glance (or two) while you’re out in public. If we have to coexist together, why not make it fun?


Shortly after, OX turned into a lifestyle blog. Mery is addicted to living, researching, curating, and sharing all the ways life can be more beautiful. There are no rules about what happens here; so you can expect to engage in some offbeat exchanges.

oxox Mery

Featured Post

Do you love compact coastal cities that are rich in history, culture, and pack a vibrant energy? Hopefully, the answer to that is yes, or you will absolutely hate Cartagena. This colorful colonial paradise is located on Colombia's northern coast along the Caribbean Sea.


The cultural diversity here is unlike the rest of Colombia with a population influenced by African, Indigenous, and European cultures that are reflected in the music, cuisine, art, and architecture. It's part of what makes it one of the most charming places I have ever been to.

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